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Proxes T1 Sport

Proxes T1 Sport  uimeste prin stabilitatea sa remarcabila chiar si la vitezele foarte mari cu care se ruleaza pe autostrazi si raspunde impecabil celor mai ridicate solicitari in materie de manevrabilitate pe carosabil ud si uscat.

Dezvoltate special pentru automobilele si conditiile de sofat din Europa,  anvelopele  Proxes T1 Sport  completeaza ideal manevrabilitatea celor mai prestigioase automobile sport sau coupe pe care le vedem la Saloanele Auto din intreaga lume.



Outside - Cornering Performance

Increased contact area through use of wide ribs with shallow and narrow groove to maintain good tread contact with the road.
Improved handling and high grip.

Inside - Aquaplaning & Braking

Two wide grooves ensure good water drainage.
Better braking achieved via a rib based pattern configuration, which increases the tread’s rigidity in the back and forward directions.

Tread Design - Wide Outer Blocks

Increased contact area through the use of wide blocks with shallow and narrow grooves to maintains good tread contact with the road. Improved handling with responsive steering feel and high grip.

Tread Design - Wide Center Rib*

High-speed stability & handling response are improved by adoption of a wide center rib.
*285 section width and larger

Tread Design - Inner Rib & Notch

The inside ribs have a solid shape, which enhances rigidity, improves braking performance and reduces irregular wear.

Tread Design - Wide Straight Grooves

Wide straight grooves provide a wide water channel for better aquaplaning resistance.

Dimensiunea anvelopei Diametrul jantei Indice de incarcare
205/55ZR16 16 94W XL
215/55ZR16 16 97Y XL
225/55ZR16 16 99Y XL
205/50ZR17 17 93Y XL
215/50ZR17 17 95W XL
215/45ZR17 17 91W XL
225/55ZR17 17 101Y XL
225/50ZR17 17 98Y XL
225/45ZR17 17 94Y XL
235/55ZR17 17 99Y
235/50ZR17 17 96Y
235/45ZR17 17 97Y XL
235/40ZR17 17 94Y XL
245/45ZR17 17 99Y XL
245/40ZR17 17 95Y XL
255/45ZR17 17 98Y
255/40ZR17 17 98Y XL
265/40ZR17 17 96Y
215/45ZR18 18 93Y XL
215/40ZR18 18 89Y XL
225/45ZR18 18 (95Y) XL
225/40ZR18 18 92Y XL
225/35ZR18 18 87Y XL
235/50ZR18 18 101Y XL
235/45ZR18 18 (98Y) XL
235/40ZR18 18 (95Y) XL
245/45ZR18 18 (100Y) XL
245/40ZR18 18 (97Y) XL
245/35ZR18 18 92Y XL
255/45ZR18 18 103Y XL
255/40ZR18 18 (99Y) XL
255/35ZR18 18 94Y XL
265/35ZR18 18 (97Y) XL
275/40ZR18 18 (99Y)
275/35ZR18 18 (95Y)
285/35ZR18 18 (101Y) XL
285/30ZR18 18 97Y XL
295/35ZR18 18 (103Y) XL
225/45ZR19 19 96W XL
225/45ZR19 19 92W
225/40ZR19 19 93Y XL
225/35ZR19 19 (88Y) XL
235/40ZR19 19 96Y XL
235/35ZR19 19 (91Y) XL
245/45ZR19 19 102Y XL
245/40ZR19 19 (98Y) XL
245/35ZR19 19 (93Y) XL
255/40ZR19 19 100Y XL
255/35ZR19 19 96Y XL
255/30ZR19 19 (91Y) XL
265/35ZR19 19 (98Y) XL
265/30ZR19 19 (93Y) XL
275/40ZR19 19 105Y XL
275/35ZR19 19 (100Y) XL
275/30ZR19 19 (96Y) XL
285/35ZR19 19 (99Y)
285/30ZR19 19 (98Y) XL
295/30ZR19 19 (100Y) XL
325/30ZR19 19 (105Y)XL
235/30ZR20 20 (88Y) XL
245/45ZR20 20 103Y XL
245/40ZR20 20 99Y XL
245/35ZR20 20 (95Y) XL
245/30ZR20 20 (90Y) XL
255/40ZR20 20 (101Y) XL
255/35ZR20 20 (97Y) XL
255/30ZR20 20 (92Y) XL
265/30ZR20 20 (94Y) XL
275/40ZR20 20 106Y XL
275/35ZR20 20 (102Y) XL
275/30ZR20 20 (97Y) XL
285/35ZR20 20 (100Y)
285/30ZR20 20 (99Y) XL
305/25ZR20 20 (97Y) XL
325/25ZR20 20 (101Y) XL

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